【The Karaoke | ヒトカラ】I may NEVER Karaoke ever again【#Coyote / #KemoV】


Chilla’s Art san’s newest game, “The Karaoke | ヒトカラ” ! I’m so excited to finally get to play it on the release date!

Opening screen Illustrator/animator: ツクウルフル様 (@kemopuffin)
Hello Coyo! おはコヨー!It’s Coyo here!

I am a Coyote from Japari Park and it is a pleasure to meet everyone from around the world! My main language is English, and sometimes I speak in Japanese. Other languages are also welcomed in chat but I’m sorry if I am unable to understand – I am still studying multiple languages and hope to understand more in the future! I am looking forward to spending time with everyone!~🐾🐾🐾🐾




🌟Please refrain from arguments in the chat
🌟No slandering or malicious comments
🌟Be kind and respect each other; let’s keep it a safe and friendly space!
🌟If you see spam, or malicious comments, please do not respond to them; please block, report, and ignore these comments
🌟Please refrain from having discussions on topics unrelated to the stream
🌟Please do not compare friends and other streamers, inciting conflicts
🌟Please do not bring up other streamers’ names unless I talk about them and vice versa
🌟Please do not share unauthorized URLs
🌟Please refrain from backseating unless I ask for help, and please no spoilers!

For those who do not follow these rules, you will face the wrath of the BONK HAMMER!
Let’s maintain good manners and HAVE FUN TOGETHER!


🐺【KemoV Official / Kemono Friends Vtuber Project】🐺


Live: #howlcast
Art: #coyoart
Memes: #coyomeme
Fan Name: Coyodachi
Oshi Mark: 🐺🐾
Group: #KemoV/#けもV
Mascot: #coyopotato
General: #CoyoteKemoV



For Inquiries → info@kemono-friends.jp